Red Wine Is A Gift For Any Occasion

If you can't decide on what type of gift to give a special person or people in your life, you typically can't go wrong with a bottle of high-quality red wine. Although the wine makes a thoughtful gift by itself, you can also combine it with other complementary items to make a well-rounded present. Red wine is an appropriate gift for a wide range of special events and occasions, including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, bridal showers, and wedding receptions. It's also great as a housewarming gift for your new neighbors or a friend who just moved into a new home.

There are many types of red wine available, ranging from dry and sweet like merlot, or slightly acidic like pinot noir. If you know the recipient's favorite type of red wine, stick to that, but if you're gifting a large crowd, go with one of the more popular varieties. If you're on a tight gift-giving budget, you don't have to sacrifice wine quality. Check out a local discount liquor store, or order a bottle or two through an online retailer. You'll be able to easily compare prices between a few different sites. 

Here are some additional red wine gift ideas to get you started:

Wedding Reception Favors

One way of thanking guests for attending your wedding is by treating them to red wine favors at the end of the night. You can place one bottle by each guests' place setting, either by itself or in a decorative bag. As a personalized touch, enhance the bottles with customized details, such as your and your spouse's names, your wedding date, or even a special quote. You can have the labels created by an online printing company, and then place them onto the bottles yourself. 

Anniversary or Valentine's Day Gifts

Bottles of red wine make the perfect gifts for romantic occasions, such as your spouse's birthday or a couple's anniversary celebration. Again, you can also have the labels personalized if you desire. Create a love-inspired gift by putting together a basket filled with a bottle or two of red wine, such as cabernet sauvignon or zinfandel, as well other complementary items. You can also include a bottle of white wine, or another type of alcohol, such as rum or craft beer. Complete the basket with a mix of sweet and salty gourmet treats that the recipient can enjoy with the wine. Some options include roasted cashews and almonds, chocolate truffles, dried fruit, or cheese and crackers. 

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