4 Things A Quality Private Event Bartending Service Provider Should Offer

Are you looking to hire a private even bartending service for an upcoming event? Here are some things a quality service provider should be able to offer:

An Events Portfolio

One important thing any private event bartending company should be able and willing to provide you with is an events portfolio to peruse. The portfolio should include photos of the events that the company has bartended, as well as information about the types of services that were provided at each event. Some customer reviews of the company would be beneficial. With any luck, the company hosts its portfolio online so all you have to do is go online to review it. If the portfolio is not available online, schedule a consultation appointment so you can check it out in person.

Custom Drink Crafting

To make your event special, look for a private bartending service provider that is able and willing to craft a couple of custom drinks for your guests to indulge in. They should be able to craft at least one cocktail and one non-alcoholic drink that is inspired by your event in some way. Whether it's based on the color scheme, the overall theme, or an element of the event activities, the drinks should tie into your unique event in some way. The names of the drinks should be tailored to your event as well so that guests know that the drinks were created just for the event.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Another thing your private event bartending provider should offer is liquor liability insurance coverage for all the bartenders that they send to service your event. This type of insurance will cover medical costs, legal fees, and settlement claims if a bartender serves someone who is inebriated, and that person causes property damage or bodily damage to someone else. The bartenders should be trained to know when to cut someone off from alcohol, but the insurance will give you some extra peace of mind.

A Portable Bar with Accessories

Another thing your service provider should offer is the use of a portable bar and all the accessories necessary to open beer and wine bottles, mix drinks, and clean up during service. This will allow you to position the bar exactly where you want it to be, and even move it if necessary while the event is still taking place. It will also help create a professional look and feel for your event.

For more information, contact a company that offers private event bartending services

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